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Tune Up Your Relationship

Let the EAP help you and your partner

Does your relationship need a tune up?”  If you are unsure, ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Do you have the intimacy you’ve always desired?
  2. Is undivided attention something you give and receive daily?
  3. Do you and your significant other date regularly?
  4. Is the communication in your relationship clear, caring, complete and continuous?

Don’t be surprised if you are unable to answer “yes” to all questions.  Though we often have the best of intentions, managing careers, children, family obligations and activities of daily life create challenges to making relationships a priority.

Just like vehicles need regular maintenance to run smoothly, relationships also need routine care to stay vigorous.  The EAP provides short- term, couples’ counseling to assist you in returning your union to a positive path or helping your bond stay strong.  Call the Employee Assistance Program at 410-328-5860 today and schedule an appointment with Sue Walker, Wanda Binns, Maureen McCarren or  Monique Church.  Whether you have been committed twelve months or forty years, every relationship needs a tune up.

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