Supervisory Referrals

A supervisor may refer an employee with job performance problems to the EAP for assistance. The goal of this referral is to assist the employee with any problems that may be impacting job performance. The employee may refuse this referral and this will not result in disciplinary action. It is always the employee’s right to refuse the EAP. Please fill out the form below and send it to the EAP. You may call the EAP to make an appointment for the employee or have the employee call and make the appointment.

Supervisor Referral Form

Supervisor Training

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) developed an online, self-study course for
supervisors to learn about the EAP. Supervisors will learn about the rationale
and procedure for utilizing EAP Supervisory Referrals. After completing the
training, supervisors will understand the purpose of the EAP, which employee
behaviors warrant a Supervisory Referral, and how best to present an employee
with a recommendation to visit the EAP. The training can be completed in about
20 minutes. Please contact the EAP if you have any questions.

Supervisor Training Course


The EAP staff also provides specialized training requested by supervisors on topics such as:

Coping/Working with Difficult People

What causes negative/difficult people? What are the patterns of difficult behavior? Learn strategies to identify these behaviors, and what to do when you are dealing with a difficult person. Difficult people can be anywhere in our life, so let’s be proactive and learn skills to deal.

Stress Management

What is stress? It is your body’s physical, mental and chemical reaction to situations that frighten, excite, confuse, endanger or irritate you. Gain knowledge of the ways stress manifests itself in your body and through your actions. Learn effective ways to cope with all types of stress, good or bad.

Team Building

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers various Team Building Seminars.  To decide what might work best for you, contact the EAP to discuss your concerns about your team.  An EAP counselor will customize a Team Building Seminar for your specific group.  Exercises are interactive and engaging. The Session can be one-time only or the EAP counselor can work with your team over a period of time.

Striking a Balance

Wouldn’t you like to feel your have enough time and energy for all areas of your life? The first step is to recognize the challenges that can wear you down. Why is balance so hard to maintain? Learn the key elements of balance, and skills that will have you well on your way to live a more satisfying life.

Supervisor Training

Trains supervisors on the appropriate protocol to refer an employee to the EAP. Seminar goes over when a supervisory referral is necessary. Learn signs and symptoms to look for in substance abuse employees. Experience how your referral may actually be helping the employee.