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Road Rage

Do you or someone you love suffer from Road Rage? It can hurt you. If one person becomes more aggressive in his/her driving, it leads to others doing the same. Behind the wheel, before you are even aware of it, you can exhibit physical effects such as your hands gripping the wheel, blood pressure rising, heart rate increasing, neck and jaw muscles getting tense, etc. There are some things you can do. First, recognize what is happening to you. Set up your smart phone before you begin your trip to record you while you are driving. Play it back later and listen to yourself. You may be surprised as to how you sound. While you are driving, do some things to lighten your mood. Sing silly songs, make excuses for the driver (even if they are not true), such as “Oh, he must be trying to get to a job interview, after being out of work for 2 years. He can go ahead.” Try and remember that your perspective is what influences your feelings. Look at things differently and they may improve.

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