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Anger Management Class-January 13, 2015

The EAP will be hosting an Anger Management class  beginning next week. 

It will be taught in a class-like format so you can learn how your background and family experiences taught you about anger.  The class will give you ideas of different ways to control and express your anger.

The class will be small, no more than 10 people, and will be non-judgmental.  We are all here to learn.  The class will be held at noon on Tuesdays. 

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from anger management, call the EAP now to reserve your spot in the class – 667.214-1561 (Counselor, Sue Walker)

Or email sue at

Employee Assistance Program
419 W. Redwood St., Suite 560 Baltimore, MD 21201 667.214.1555 (Fax) 410.328.1132