Turn your speakers on. Use only Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser for this course.

When you started this course, you should have been prompted to enter your name or other identifying information into a text box that popped up on the screen. This allows your name to be automatically placed on a certificate of completion that you will view and print at the end of the course.

On each page of this course, you will hear an audio narration of the program. After listening to the narrator, click on the blue forward arrow (>) to continue to the next frame. Answer all 12 true-or-false questions that appear during the course. Score your answers as you go. If you answer a question incorrectly, choose again. Rescore your test so you get 100 percent. Enjoy the course!

Note: If you must quit the course early, click the "SAVE" button in the left hand margin to create a "bookmark". When you return, click the "GO TO" button to immediately go back to where you left off.

Click to advance program. NextNext Speakers and sound capability are required for this course.